I have nothing against facial surgery. Sometimes that is the best alternative. However, if that is the road you choose, the better condition your skin is the faster the healing process will be.

In this blog we will look at several choices for skin lifting and firming.  The first being nano current.

Nano current builds new tissue; lifts’ sagging muscles and gives you younger looking glowing skin. The treatment delivers low frequency nano currents to heal and regenerate tissue offering both a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment.

As we age, skin cell production begins to slow down resulting in a build up of dead skin cells, wrinkles and drooping skin. Nano current increases fibroblasts’ secretion of proteins such as collagen. Additionally, it works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase firmness of the muscle structure.

The nano current equipment that we use is called Perfector.  Clinical research has shown that the results of the Perfector system are not only dramatic but long lasting. Perfector heals and regenerates tissue, it is a corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment unlike other relative systems such as muscle stimulator’s whose temporary effect acts as a band-aid in the aging process.

The treatments are completely pain free.  In fact, most of our clients fall asleep during the treatments, which take about an hour.  To learn more and view a partial treatment click Perfector video

The entire video can be seen on http://www.helenshaven.com.  Click on the “news” tab and scroll down towards the bottom and you will see “Perfector and Stem Cell” video.  The entire video is alittle long because it includes a stem cell treatment, which we discuss at a later date.  I tried to link directly to the video but was unsuccessful.  Remember this is only my second blog entry.  There is a learning curve.