Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

January 30 2020
Becoming a mother is a very exciting time. It can also be a very stressful time with all of the physical changes as well as anxiety about the upcoming birth and parenting challenges that will follow. Allow yourself to relax and release tension for a healthier pregnancy with a Pregnancy Massage.

Ease Aches and Pains Without Medication

Medications should be avoided during pregnancy whenever possible. So what are you to do about the aches and pains of pregnancy? Enjoy a massage. You may notice that as your baby grows your center of gravity shifts. This can lead to muscle tension and pain in your back, neck, and hips. Pregnancy massage releases tension and relieves pain without medication.

Improve Circulation to Reduce Swelling and Leg Cramps

Your circulatory system works twice as hard during pregnancy. Because of this swelling and leg cramps are a common complaint. Massage is helpful in boosting circulation which improves the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. This stimulates the release of excess fluids from soft tissues to reduce swelling and removes toxins to help prevent leg cramps.

Eases Labor Pain and Improves Labor Outcomes

Recent studies have shown that women who receive pregnancy massages require less pain medication to manage labor pain. Because they are more relaxed, their labor progresses more quickly. They also experience fewer complications during labor and delivery. The stress relief that pregnancy massage provides results in improved overall health for both mother and baby.

At Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa we are ready to help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Visit us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu or give us a call at 808-739-0400 today to reserve your appointment for a massage. You can also book your appointment on our free mobile app, available for download on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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