Body Waxing Year-Round for Best Results

Body Waxing Year-Round for Best Results

February 28 2020
Many people only think of waxing when the weather is warm and they are baring more skin. Why trouble yourself with hair removal when bikini season is over, right? Well, there are a few benefits to keeping up with your waxing routine year-round that you may have not considered. 

Waxing Is More Than Hair Removal

When you think of waxing you probably think of it only as a means of removing unwanted hair, but waxing also provides gentle exfoliation. As the wax is removed, it takes with it the outermost layer of dead, dry skin cells, exposing the new layer of fresh, supple skin underneath. The results are smooth, moist, healthy-looking skin that is free of flakes and dryness.

Slower Hair Growth All Year

Waxing regularly interrupts the hair growth cycle by removing hair from the root. When you continue to wax regularly this slows the regrowth of hair over time. The longer you have been waxing, the less often you will find yourself needing to. If you stop waxing when the weather turns cold, the hair growth cycle is able to reset. You will find yourself at square one when the swimsuit season arrives.

Wax With Less Pain

When hair is removed at the root repeatedly, the hair follicles are weakened. As a result, hairs become finer, thinner and more brittle making them easier to remove. This means less pain for you. Taking a break from waxing allows the follicles time to strengthen their grip on those pesky hairs, making your first waxing session of summer much more painful.

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