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Ease Muscle Tension with Posture Alignment

Ease Muscle Tension with Posture Alignment

October 13 2019
Good posture isn’t something we usually think about. In fact, many people think that posture is only important if you’re a model and need to look perfect on the runway. However, good posture is something that everyone should practice, because poor posture can lead to a lot of problems. Here are a few examples:

  • Poor circulation. The cells in your body need the oxygen your blood delivers to function well, and your body relies on its lymphatic system to flush toxins and waste away and keep organs healthy. Poor posture can prevent these processes from functioning well, which can eventually lead to problems like varicose veins and other issues.
  • Muscle pain. Most people have experienced muscle soreness in the neck. In many cases, poor posture or bad positioning are the causes. With an enhanced focus on better body positioning, this kind of muscle strain can be avoided.
  • Poor breathing quality. We talked about how the blood delivers oxygen to keep your cells healthy, but before that can happen, your lungs need to take in enough air to get the oxygen you need. Poor posture can also lead to poor respiration, because it’s difficult to breathe effectively when your lungs can’t reach their full potential.
  • Fatigue. Poor posture adds stress to your body and strains your muscles. When this becomes prolific, it can lead to that tired feeling, even when you don’t think you’ve had a busy day. Some people with unexplained fatigue find that it gets better when they practice good posture habits.

This is just an example. Poor posture can also affect your mood, give you headaches, make health conditions like arthritis even more uncomfortable, and create soreness in your back and shoulders. 

Poor posture is caused by more than just sitting wrong. It can be exasperated by tight, overused muscles that force the body into uncomfortable positions. Posture alignment targets those specific points that draw your posture out of alignment, relaxing the muscles and making it easier to stand and sit with the optimal posture for your well-being.

Do you have trouble with poor posture that is starting to affect your body’s health? Make an appointment today at Helen’s Haven. Our professional posture alignment services are performed by Linda Manning, a professional instructor for this method, and posture alignment can also be included as part of a massage service. You can find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu, or call us on 808-739-0400. Prefer to schedule appointments on your mobile device? Try our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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