Get a Smoother, Even Skin Tone with IPL Photofacial Treatments

Get a Smoother, Even Skin Tone with IPL Photofacial Treatments

June 15 2019
Many of us have conditions that leave us with discolorations on our skin, like broken capillaries that cause “spider veins” or sun damage that eventually leaves us with dark spots. If you’re looking for a way to get a more even skin tone with less visible discoloration, IPL photofacial may be the right treatment for you.

IPL means intense pulsed light. The treatment uses these light pulses to get under the skin’s surface and either damage melanin that causes pigmentation or constrict blood vessels that cause redness and broken capillaries. The effects on the surface are more even skin tone without the darker pigmentation or spider veins visible. The procedure also stimulates collagen growth for better skin cell renewal and younger looking skin.

IPL photofacial therapy can be an effective treatment for people with:

  • Red, blotchy skin from rosacea or other conditions
  • Excess freckles
  • Age spots or sun damage
  • Spider veins and other effects of vascular conditions that cause broken capillaries
  • Wrinkles
  • Large, visible pores
  • Hyperpigmentation

The treatment time varies depending on individual needs, but most complete their treatments in about an hour or less. The newest Alma IPL technology is virtually pain-free without a topical anesthetic. During the treatment, you’ll get protective eyewear to guard against the bright light pulses. There’s little downtime, as any redness that may occur will dissipate quickly. Your medical technician will give you aftercare instructions, which include avoiding the sun for a specified timeframe.

Although some people will see a difference after one treatment, multiple treatments are usually recommended for best results. You’ll notice greater effects from the treatment over time, as the collagen production and skin rejuvenation processes occur gradually. Most people notice significant improvement with three to five treatments. The results of your treatments will last for a year or more.

If you have issues with skin discoloration, your first step toward treatment is a consultation at Helen’s Haven. Our medical technicians will assess your individual needs to determine which treatments are right for you. Visit our integrated spa at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu or call 808-739-0400 to book your consultation appointment. You can also book and manage appointments on our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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