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Get Effective Body Contouring with Accent Prime Radio Frequency

Get Effective Body Contouring with Accent Prime Radio Frequency

July 15 2019
If you’ve been looking for an effective way to reduce cellulite, contour your body, and tighten up and rejuvenate your skin, Accent Prime Radio Frequency treatments may be the perfect solution for you. Using a blend of ultrasound and radio frequency, this unique, revolutionary system, our med spa estheticians can target your specific needs for optimal results.

The ultrasound treatments distribute acoustic vibrations throughout the fat tissue, destroying cellular membranes of fat tissue, breaking down that tissue and removing it through your body’s lymphatic system. Radio frequency delivers deep thermal heating, which acts to tighten skin tissue. Along with this dual action, treatments using Accent Prime are completely customizable for different parts of the body.

Accent Prime treatments work for those who would like to tone, tighten, or lift skin or reduce fat. The versatile treatments can be used on your face, stomach, thighs, arms – anywhere you want to reshape your body.

  • Face and neck. For the face, Accent Prime reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves a firmer, tighter, lifted look. The treatment works well to reduce a double chin and give you more defined features.
  • Stomach. Fat deposits in the stomach area are no stranger to most people. It’s one of the most stubborn areas to get rid of, even after losing weight. Accent Prime tightens up this problem area, lifting the sag and trimming down the contours. 
  • Back and arms. Especially as we age, that underarm skin is hard to keep under control. Accent Prime works to lift and tighten, reducing or eliminating that extra sag under the arms or around to the back.

Accent Prime is a safe, non-surgical treatment that relies on the power of ultrasound and radio frequency to target fat while other tissues are left undisturbed. There are no side effects, and there is no downtime after treatments.

For most people, we recommend a series of five Accent Prime treatments, either weekly or bi-monthly, depending on your individual needs. 

To get started, the first step is a consultation to see if Accent Prime Radio Frequency treatments are right for you. Make an appointment at Helen’s Haven today, and our professional med spa estheticians will evaluate your needs, talk to you about your goals, and design the perfect treatment plan for you. Find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu or call 808-739-0400 to book your appointment. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.

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