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Get Smoother, Young-Looking Skin with Dermal Fillers

Get Smoother, Young-Looking Skin with Dermal Fillers

April 30 2019
As we mature, we all develop a few lines and wrinkles that we wish would disappear. They used to be something we’d have to just accept, but thanks to science, today we have a lot of powerful options to help our skin look younger. One of these options is injectable dermal fillers, and today we’ll talk about why fillers may be the perfect option for you.

Fillers are exactly what they sound like – a medical technician injects substances directly into the line or wrinkle to fill in the gaps, plumping up the area until the wrinkle is less noticeable. There are several different substances, each appropriate for different types of lines and wrinkles and different skin textures and types. A physician assesses your individual needs and determines which product will be most effective for you.

Fillers are different than Botox. Botox is an injection that blocks nerve signals that blocks muscle movement. When strategically injected, it freezes up muscles that make wrinkles appear more prominent. Because of this, Botox is effective only on the type of wrinkle that appears due to muscle movement.

Dermal fillers work on a wider variety of skin issues. In addition to filling in lines and wrinkles, they can plump up thinning areas or even fill in scars. Some fillers, like hyaluronic acid fillers, also stimulate the production of collagen, and important protein that builds skin structure. In fact, it’s the slowing of collagen production that creates the gaps that appear as lines and wrinkles.

After an initial consultation where your physician determines the product to use, the procedure appointment is relatively quick, with most procedures finished in under an hour. Results are immediate, and last for up to a year, depending on the product used. In some cases, a touch-up is needed after a few months.

If you have some lines or wrinkles you’d like to make disappear, make a consultation appointment today at Helen’s Haven. Dr. Ammann will assess your individual needs and determine which treatment is right for you. You can find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu, or call 808-739-0400 to book an appointment. To book or manage your appointments from your mobile app, download our free Helen’s Haven mobile app on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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