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Harness the Healing Power of Light with Celluma LED Treatments

Harness the Healing Power of Light with Celluma LED Treatments

June 30 2019
Acne, skin aging, arthritis pain – there’s a single solution to all of them with Celluma LED treatments. This therapy provides non-invasive skin treatments that leave your skin clearer and younger looking, and often works to relieve arthritis pain and joint stiffness.

Celluma’s LED phototherapy was first developed for NASA astronauts to relieve symptoms caused by long space flights. Its remarkable effectiveness is now available for all of us as a treatment to clear stubborn acne breakouts, stimulate collagen production to reduce the visible signs of aging, and as a pain relief treatment for muscle and joint pain and stiffness or the pain from arthritis.

The process is non-invasive and pain-free with no downtime, and it can be used on every skin type. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on your treatment needs. This low-level light therapy uses the healing power of light to accelerate your body’s natural rejuvenation processes, speeding up collagen production and damaged cell replacement. Celluma works by using red, near-infrared, and blue LED light with no harmful UV rays to stimulate beneficial healing processes. It’s light, not heat, that produces the results, so there is no discomfort with the treatments. 

Here’s how Celluma light therapy works for different conditions:

  • Acne. Celluma’s blue light therapy stimulates your skin’s healing process to improve acne outbreaks and kill bacteria that can cause or aggravate acne. Your skin’s texture and clarity are improved, and uneven skin tones balance out as skin cells are renewed.
  • Anti-aging. A special 640nm setting on the Celluma LED treatment equipment is designed to stimulate collagen production and promote tissue repair. As we age, natural processes that stimulate collagen production and replace dead skin cells are slowed, often leaving visible lines and wrinkles in gaps in the skin. Speeding up the process takes you back to younger looking skin because lines and wrinkles are filled in with the added protein structures. This leaves you with smoother, firmer skin with fewer visible signs of aging.
  • Pain relief. Using different light wavelengths through Celluma LED treatments, your technician can address pain at different depths, depending on your medical needs. Light therapy creates more efficient energy and anti-inflammatory agent production on a molecular level to reduce and improve pain from stiff or sore joints and muscles. For pain, Celluma LED treatments are customized for your specific needs based on a medical evaluation.

To see if Celluma LED treatments are right for you, make an appointment at Helen’s Haven today. Our professional technicians will evaluate your individual needs to determine which treatments will be most effective for you. You can find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu or call 808-739-0400 to book your appointment, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon to manage appointments on your mobile device.

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