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Improve Your Wellness with Posture Alignment

Improve Your Wellness with Posture Alignment

October 28 2018
Your posture has an incredible effect on your overall health. Poor posture can affect our performance in a number activities and can even negatively affect our internal systems. Posture alignment helps correct posture deficiencies and can significantly improve your well-being. 

Posture is defined as the way we hold our bodies when standing, sitting, and performing other activities. Our muscles, which hold our skeletal system together, work in concert to keep your posture balanced. However, stress, weight, age, uncomfortable shoes, pregnancy, and other factors can affect the way these muscles work and result in poor posture.

Posture alignment, separately from or in conjunction with massage, relaxes tight muscles at specific points to help restore their ability to maintain a healthy posture. The benefits of good posture alignment include:

  1. Reduced backaches and other pain
  2. More efficient breathing, which helps deliver more oxygen to your cells and systems
  3. Reduced strain from excessive sitting at work or other abnormal positions
  4. Decreased wear on joints and ligaments that can cause or irritate arthritis
  5. More energy, balance, and flexibility
  6. Better immune system functioning
  7. Increased bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis 

All these healthy benefits combined leave you with an improved sense of well-being when you have good posture alignment. In addition, better alignment now can help you reverse any symptoms of poor posture that have left you feeling overtired, stressed, and listless.

To try posture alignment for yourself, make an appointment today at Helen’s Haven. Our professional massage therapists can advise you about the best massage or posture alignment treatment for your individual needs. Our posture alignment services are performed by Linda Manning, a professional instructor for this method of posture alignment. You can find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu, or call us on 808-739-0400. If you prefer, give our mobile app a try to instantly schedule your own appointment. It’s available for a free download at the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

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