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Q&A: BOTOX® Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles

Q&A: BOTOX® Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles

August 31 2019
BOTOX® is an effective treatment for removing the visible signs of aging, those lines and wrinkles that can make your expression look permanently sad or angry. Everyone wants to look younger and more energetic, so today we’ll talk about BOTOX® – what it is, how it works, and what it’s like to get a BOTOX® treatment.

What is it? BOTOX® treatments use a substance created by the bacterium called clostridium botulinum. The substance is a neurotoxin that effects muscles, freezing them in place and preventing their movement. In the 1970s while testing it as a treatment for eye disorders, scientists noticed that its results also eliminated wrinkles.

How does it work? The wrinkles treated by BOTOX® form as our face makes its natural expressions throughout our lifetime. When we’re young, we have an effective natural process for rejuvenating skin tissues with the production of collagen. As we age, collagen begins to slow, making skin less tight and elastic. As our muscles create those expressions, they push the skin into wrinkles that, when we’re younger, bounce back when the expression changes. As we age, it’s harder for the skin to bounce back, and eventually those temporary wrinkles become permanent. When BOTOX® injections freeze muscles in place, it prevents that bending on the skin that creates wrinkles. The result is a softened expression with fewer wrinkles.

What does BOTOX® treat? Because it works on wrinkles caused by muscle movement, BOTOX® treats conditions like crow’s feet, forehead lines, and laugh/frown lines. Other wrinkles formed by conditions like sun damage won’t respond to BOTOX® treatment, so in some cases, your treatment plan may include other treatments as well as BOTOX®. BOTOX® also successfully treats other conditions like chronic migraines and excessive sweating.

What is a BOTOX® treatment like? The procedure is quick and only takes a few minutes. Your med spa professional will inject BOTOX® using tiny needles into the treatment areas. There is no anesthesia needed, and you feel only a slight, quick pin prick sensation. There’s no downtime, and you can continue with your regular activities right after the procedure. Your med spa professional will discuss any aftercare instructions at your appointment.

How do I prepare for BOTOX® treatments? In most cases, you’ll need to discontinue anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin two weeks prior to your treatment. At your consultation appointment, discuss any other medications you currently take with your med spa professional to ensure that they won’t affect your treatment.

How long does it take to work and how long does it last? BOTOX® treatments take effect over several days, so you’ll notice the full effects after about one week. These effects last three to four months, after which time your muscle movement will gradually return. At this point, you’ll need a follow-up treatment to continue to see the same results.

BOTOX® is a brand name, and there are other options, like Dysport®, with similar treatment effects. Depending on your individual needs, your med spa professional will choose the product that best achieves your goals. To find out how BOTOX® can work for you, make a consultation appointment today at Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa. Our med spa professionals will assess your goals and individual needs and determine which treatment will work best for you. You can find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu or call 808-739-0400 to book your appointment. You can also book appointments on our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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