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Targeted Pain Relief with CBD Contrast Therapy

Targeted Pain Relief with CBD Contrast Therapy

September 28 2020
It is estimated that some 50 million American adults live with some form of chronic pain. If you are one of them you’ve likely tried many different treatments and medication and know all too well about the unpleasant side effects that some of these treatments can have. What you may not be aware of is that there are spa therapies available to help ease your pain without the use of invasive procedures and medications. One such treatment is Contrast Therapy with CBD. Read on to learn how this treatment could help you.

What is Contrast Therapy with CBD?

Contrast Therapy with CBD is a noninvasive massage therapy treatment used to address your main area of pain. This targeted treatment uses CBD oil along with a special hot and cold massage tool. It quickly changes the temperature of the tissues in the target area to release tension, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation to promote healing and reduce pain. 

What Can I Expect?

CBD Contrast Therapy session lasts about 40 minutes. During your session, your therapist will apply CBD oil to the area for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Then the hot/cold massage tool will be used in the area. Warm will be used first for about 2 minutes to promote relaxation and increase circulation, immediately followed by a minute of cold to decrease inflammation. This will be alternated for about 10 minutes per side. After the contrast therapy is complete the therapist will manually massage the area for another 20 minutes to work out any knots in the muscles and ensure complete relaxation.

Who Will This Benefit?

There are many people who could benefit from Contrast Therapy with CBD. In addition to those with chronic pain, people with physically demanding jobs, athletes, and those recovering from injuries may also find the therapy beneficial to help relieve their pain. This treatment is also fantastic for post-workout soreness and pain.

If you’d like to learn if Contrast Therapy with CBD is right for you, call us at Helen’s Haven to schedule a consultation today. We will discuss your unique situation and develop a plan to help you on the road to feeling better. You can reach us at 808-739-0400. You’ll find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu. Try our mobile app, available for a free download at the App Store or Google Play.

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