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Want the Most Efficient Summer Hair Removal? Try Waxing!

Want the Most Efficient Summer Hair Removal? Try Waxing!

June 14 2022
Hair removal can be such a hassle, especially when life gets busy. While there are DIY options that promise long-lasting results they rarely work as advertised. They’re either messy, time-consuming, uncomfortable, or ineffective. If you want the most efficient hair removal this summer it’s time to give professional spa waxing a try.


Shaving is probably the most used hair removal method, but shaving can ultimately make your unwanted hair problem even worse. When you cut the hair off at the surface of the skin it regrows very quickly. Some people begin to see and feel stubble in a matter of hours. Due to the angle of the cut, the regrowth is very noticeable, which is a big problem if it's in a highly visible area such as your face. Shaving also comes with the risk of nicks and cuts that can lead to infections. So while this method may be widely used, it’s not the safest or most efficient option.

Some turn to hair removal creams or lotions that claim to provide longer-lasting results than shaving. While the results may last a day or two longer, it doesn’t save you any time when you consider the time you have to sit and wait for the cream to do its job. You also have to deal with the strong odors and mess associated with hair removal creams and harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. The end result is often blotchy hair removal that leaves you reaching for your razor out of frustration.


Laser hair removal is incredibly effective and provides the longest-lasting results of all. But laser treatments are expensive and time-consuming. You may need several treatment sessions to remove all the unwanted hair.


Professional salon waxing shines above all other hair removal methods because it is fast, affordable, and efficient. Hair is removed completely right down at the root, so results last for weeks. It can be performed at the salon in just a few minutes. There is no mess or harsh fumes and no risk of injury to your skin. And with regular waxing sessions hair follicles weaken over time making regrowth thinner and easier to remove. Waxing also provides exfoliation as a bonus for smoother, healthier-looking skin.


If you’d like to see why regular professional salon waxing is the best and most efficient summer hair removal option, make an appointment today at Helen’s Haven today. Our professional estheticians will set up a waxing schedule for you that will keep you smooth and hair-free all season long. Get ready to toss your razor and call us at 808-739-0400 to book your waxing appointment., or call Prefer to book and manage your own appointments from the convenience of your mobile device? Download our free app on iTunes or Google Play. We look forward to seeing you soon at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu.

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