Why You Should Keep All Your Waxing Appointments all Year Long

Why You Should Keep All Your Waxing Appointments all Year Long

October 31 2021
Unwanted hair is a year-long problem, but many people decide to stop their waxing appointments all winter since they think people won’t see those areas of unwanted hair when the weather is cold. However, canceling your waxing appointments in the fall and winter can be a mistake, because waxing is an ongoing process that needs to be done regularly for best results.

It’s easiest to see why when waxing is compared with shaving:

  • Shaving is a short-term solution that removes unwanted hair by cutting it close to the surface. The root and follicle are still healthy and intact, so hair grows back quickly. That’s why you see stubble after as little as a single day, so you have to continue to shave to keep unwanted hair at bay.
  • Waxing removes hair at the root, pulling it completely out so that the hair is gone. Before the hair can regrow, the follicle has to regenerate and start the growth process all over again. Over time, hairs that are removed by waxing grow back increasingly weaker and may even stop growing back in some regularly treated areas. That’s why waxing is so effective because hair is removed for weeks instead of just a day, like with shaving.

Therefore, at each waxing appointment, the follicles of unwanted hair become weaker and weaker. If you stop your professional waxing services for several months, it gives the follicle time to strengthen, making it harder to remove that stronger hair, so you may feel some discomfort on your first appointment after a long break from waxing.

By contrast, if you continue your professional waxing services all year long, those follicles never have a chance to grow stronger. They become increasingly weaker, and your waxing appointments become easier – and sometimes quicker – as you continue them.

Waxing is an effective way to remove hair for both men and women, on your:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Facial area – brows, chin, lips, etc.

Both men and women can benefit from the effective hair removal you’ll get from waxing, and it’s important to keep up your appointments all year long. Make an appointment today at Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa and let our expert estheticians help you get rid of unwanted hair for smooth, healthy skin. Call us at 808-739-0400 today to book your waxing appointment, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

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