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Linda Manning, LMT LAc

Linda has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998.  She has been employed at Helen's Haven since 2013.  She is certified in Craniosacral, Spinal Touch, and Bowen.   Bowen style therapy consists of gentle rolling movements across the muscle that trigger a healing response from within the body rather than physically altering the body. No oils or lotion are used and it can be performed through light clothing.The treatment may include gentle stretches. It is especially helpful for pregnancy, fibromyalgia, neck, back, knee, elbows, shoulder problems, respiratory complaints, asthma, tmj, digestive complaints, infertility and more.

Linda also worked briefly as a doula and is trained in natural weight loss.

Linda uses "Spinal Touch" therapy in her posture alignment treatments.  It restores the body’s center of balance by a unique muscle-relaxation technique. A plumb line analysis is used before and after the treatment. Improved posture is it’s aim which results in reduced pain and improved healing. Many clients have said it is more relaxing than a regular massage. Spinal Touch is mostly recommended to reduce the strain on neck and shoulders that is caused by forward head posture and is also the recommended treatment to reduce back pain.

Now, to add to her unique healing touch specialties, Linda is a licensed acupuncturist.  It has taken years to achieve this.  She is licensed by the State of Hawaii and holds national certifications.  It is the equivalent of a masters degree in her field.

Her acupuncture treatments will address women's health, weight loss, allergies, and pain management.  A treatment may consists of simply acupuncture needles, cupping or an e-stim , depending on your needs.  Each treatment will be customized for each individual.