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Professional dermaplaning is using a scalpel to glide along the skin at a certain angle. Dermaplaning is a way to achieve a deeper exfoliation while removing the villous (peach fuzz) hair. The hair will not grow back thicker. It will also improve the results you get with other treatments and home care. Depending on your skin type, you can do a peel or other treatment within the same service. The result is smoother, more toned, brighter complexion. Dermaplaning by itself includes: cleansing, dermaplaning, enzyme peel, LED treatment. 45min - $125 Add on to your facial for $100 Best to treat skin concerns: + Excess Facial Hair + Dull Skin

Microcurrent Facial

$209-90 min

Our Microcurrent facial includes: cleansing, steaming, extractions, high frequency and a microcurrent lifting treatment Microcurrent “whispers” to your cells to increase their regeneration and “talks” to your muscles to re-educate your muscles. Muscles that have become elongated (jowls) will shorten. Muscles that have shortened over time (lip wrinkles) will lengthen and relax. It also increases cellular energy, allowing for quicker cell regeneration. Best to treat skin concerns: + Dull Skin

Hydra-Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facial

$209-90 min

Our Hyda-Dermabrasion facial w/oxygen Facial includes: Cleansing, steaming, extractions, high frequency, exfoliating with diamond tip microderabrasion, oxygen induction with a specific ampule chosen for you, infusing in a hydration solution into your skin, and finishing with a soothing, calming peel-off mask. This is a great way to exfoliate a dry skin without stripping it. Best to treat skin concerns: + Dry Skin + Dull Skin

Classic Microneedle (Collagen Induction Therapy)Facial

$209-90 min

Our Collagen Induction Therapy ( Microneedle) Facial includes: cleansing, steaming, extractions, high frequency, stem cell ampule, microneedle and a soothing and calming peel-off treatment mask. Our classic microneedle facial has no downtime. For most clients we use a stem cell ampule. It helps to tighten, firm, and repair the skin. Best to treat skin concerns: + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

$209-90 min

Includes: cleansing, steaming, extractions, high frequency, crystal microdermabrasion, and a soothing and calming peel-off treatment mask. Traditional crystal microdermabrasion works by bursting crystals onto the skin and vacuuming them up, leaving the skin smoother.

SkinTech Facial

Skintech Facial: includes ultrasonic cleansing to exfoliate, steaming, extractions, face massage, mask, and ultrasound to promote product penetration. 50min - $129 Skintech Facial with addition of a neck, shoulder and hand massage. 75 min - $159 Other services that can be added on: Brow wax - $21 Lip wax - $12 Chin wax - $13 Brow tint - $20 Lash tint - $25 LED - $30 30 min foot massage - $50 (upon availability) 60 min massage - $99 Best to treat skin concerns: + Large Pores + Dry Skin + Stress + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

Blue LED

$30/ treatment

Blue LED at 415 nm is the most researched wavelength for treating acne. Blue light gets absorbed into the skin to increase blood flow and creates better oxygen flow. It also helps diffuse redness and destroys propioni bacterium responsible for surface acne. We recommend for active acne doing this as much as possible for the first couple weeks. We also can add this on to any facial. It is only a 5 min treatment. If doing the light alone please arrive with little to no make up on. Best to treat skin concerns: + Acne

Green LIght


Green light at 520 nm bonds with melanosomes and bacteria, this will help with acne and hyper-pigmentation. Green LED helps scatter the hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin. The LED treatments on their own are only 15 min. appointments. You’re under the light for 5 min. Please arrive with little to no make-up on. We recommend twice weekly treatment for a month and then monthly maintenance. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Hyperpigmentation + Oily Skin

Red Light


Red LED at certain wavelengths is absorbed into the mitochondria of the cell responsible for regeneration. The energy stimulates the fibrocyte, the cell responsible for production of collagen and elastin, to become active. The result is a healthier, firmer skin. This is a quick treatment. You're under the light for 5min. WE request that you wear little to no make-up as service time alloted is 15min. We recommend twice weekly treatment for a month and then monthly maintenance. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin

Quadra Lift Plus


We offer many different firming and lifting treatments. It's always been confusing for some to decide where to start. Now, we have packaged the all together in this exclusive treatment. This treatment combines ultrasonic firming, high intensity focused ultrasound, radio frequency, micro-current and LED. Each technology does something a little different than each other, but the end result is to help build collagen and elastin. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Neck Tightening

Acne treatment w/microneedle, CBD & blue LED

$199(90 min)

This is for mild to moderate acne. It includes steam, extractions, high frequency, microneedle w/CBD & a blue & red LED treatment. CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Blue LED light reduces the bacteria on the surface of the skin. Not all CBD and LED are equal. There's not enough room here to explain the difference in strengths in serums and LEDs. We have studied and use what we feel works. Best to treat skin concerns: + Acne

60 minute Therapeutic Full Body Massage

$99(60 min)

Our therapists have spent many hours training in specialized techniques, including deep tissue, trigger points and other modalities to work our muscle adhesions. The style and pressure can be adjusted for each individual. Combine an hour massage with an hour facial: - $229 (2hr treatment) Best to treat skin concerns: + Stress

90 minute Therapeutic Full Body Massage

$149(90 min)

Our therapists have spent many hours training in specialized techniques, including deep tissue, trigger points and other modalities to work our muscle adhesions. The style and pressure can be adjusted for each individual. Best to treat skin concerns: + Stress

Back-cial (back facial)

$89 (60 min)

Includes: Cleansing, scrub,steaming, extractions, high frequency, mask * a vegetable enzyme peel may be added for additional exfoliation $20

Microneedling with Radio Frequency

$300 (introductory price)

In microneedle RF, radiofrequency energy is added to the traditional microneedling procedure. The RF energy is delivered through the microneedles into the deeper layers of the skin. This combination of microneedling and RF energy enhances the overall effectiveness of the treatment by targeting both the superficial and deep layers of the skin. The radiofrequency energy heats the skin tissue, promoting collagen and elastin production and tightening the skin. The controlled delivery of RF energy through microneedles allows for more precise and targeted treatment, minimizing damage to the outer layers of the skin. Microneedle RF is used for various skin concerns, including: 1. Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Stimulating collagen and elastin production can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 2. Skin Tightening: The heat from the radiofrequency energy helps tighten loose or sagging skin. 3. Acne Scars: Improving collagen formation can enhance the texture and appearance of acne scars. 4. Skin Rejuvenation: Overall improvement in skin tone and texture. 5. Pore Size Reduction: Tightening of the skin can lead to a reduction in the size of enlarged pores. Each treatment takes about an hour, includes face and neck, and a soothing mask. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Neck Tightening + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

Elite MDerma Microneedling by DermaPen


Our Elite Microneedling with MDerma takes our regular microneedling to the next level. MDerma is the newest microneedling equipment by Derma Pen. The needles sit differently within the pen allowing the needles to penetrate at a deeper level. We follow the microneedlng with a cooling treatment. You should expect to be slightly red and swollen, like a sunburn after the treatment. This will last for a few days. Each treatment includes a take home Recovery Skin Care Kit to use over the next week. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

Classic Microneedling

$159 or package of 3/$400

Micro Needling is a treatment using an electronic pen shaped device, studded with very fine needles that penetrate beneath the skins surface to promote collagen fiber production, elasticity, and blood flow to the treated area. The process creates tiny wounds, breaking down old scar tissue and stimulating skin cells. Skin plumps and thickens, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, large pores, hyper-pigmentation. There is no downtime or discomfort. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Large Pores + Hyperpigmentation + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

Micro-Current Lifting Treatment

$159 for one treatment or series of 3 for $400

Micro-current helps regenerate tissue through a low level electrical stimulation. It increases the ATP of the cells creating more energy. Micro-current also stimulates the muscles to either tighten (jowls) or loosen (eye and lip lines). Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Dull Skin

Power Peel Microdermabrasion

$159 each or 3 for $400

Help reduce the signs of aging, sun damage, and scarring. The Power Peel™ Microdermabrasion is a crystal peel procedure that smooths the surface of the skin. Crystals burst onto the skin and get vacuumed up by the equipment, leaving the skin feeling much smoother.


$159 each or 3 for $400

Now there's a way to exfoliate a dry skin, without stripping, and place moisture into the skin. This is a diamond tip microdermbrasion that also puts a hydrating solution into the skin. It is a 3 step process. Step 1 - Hydradermbrasion - uses a gentle suction to lift the skin and buff it with the diamond tip. At the same time it applies a moisture solution into the skin. Step 2 - Oxygen Mesotherapy - uses an oxygen attachment that delivers active ingredients from an ampule chosen for your skin type. Oxygen is delivered in a continuous, pressurized stream that is 90-95% pure oxygen. Oxygen stimulates healing and collagen growth. It also is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Step 3 - Serum penetration - special tips are used specifically to penetrate serums. Results - Softer, hydrated, plumper skin Best to treat skin concerns: + Dry Skin + Stress + Dull Skin

Lashed by Ronnie

Classic set $150 Hybrid $200 Full set volume $250 and up Fills for all sets are based on the percentage you have at 2-3 weeks and starting at $70 and up. 4 weeks is considered a new set price due to overgrowth and loss. It is very important to keep to a 2-3 week schedule to keep your set looking fresh and new. Are you a candidate? • Any existing allergies or sensitivities to products such as band aids, gel nails, etc., may make you less of a candidate for extensions as cyanoacrylate is used as the bonding agent. • All new clients who have never had extensions, and, or, are unsure of any allergies will have a trial set applied. 10 extensions will be applied and monitored over the next few days. • You are comfortable lying down for 2-3.5 hours with your eyes closed. • You can refrain from talking. Lash application takes concentration and steadiness. Less movement will help in the application, resulting in greater retention. How to prepare: • Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and use the restroom. • Please arrive with your glasses if you wear contacts. They can be reinserted 3 hours later. • Arrive with no makeup and non curled lashes. • Have a facial or massage done before lash set. • Wash or color hair before lash set. Lash tint can be done a week prior. • Please arrange for child care as this is a med-spa with limited space. • Your eyes are symptom free of any infection, or have recovered from eye surgeries/procedures. • Please refrain from caffeine, talking, checking phones. How to take care of your new set: • Refrain from any activities that will promote sweating and heat the day of application. • Do not use any eye creams or products with oils as they will loosen the adhesive resulting in premature lash loss. • Refrain from getting lashes wet the day of. If swimming in the ocean or pool, rinse lashes with gentle flow of water immediately after. • No spray tanning the day of application. • Daily washing with a recommended lash cleaner and brushing results in longer retention. • You lose about 3-5 natural lashes daily. It is important to keep to a lash fill schedule of 2-3 weeks. How to maintain your lashes: • Fills can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes. • Refrain from picking, rubbing, curling lashes. • No mascara. • Lashed By Ronnie carries makeup and cleansing products specifically for lash extensions. Policy: • A $50 deposit is needed for new clients to hold your time slot. It will be credited to your balance. • 24 hour cancellation is required. If less than 24 hours your deposit will not be refunded. • For existing clients 50% of your service booked will be charged if less than 24 hour cancellation, • No shows will be charged for full set upon rescheduling. Lash pictures can be seen on my Instagram lashed_by_ronnie and yelp Lashed By Ronnie Best to treat skin concerns: + Thin Lashes

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels is a broad category that goes from superficial peels to intense peels. Over time, exposure to sun, pollution, stress, and other environmental aggressors can cause signs of premature aging. Chemical peels improve skin texture and appearance by exfoliating skin's outer layers to reveal newer, healthier-looking skin underneath.  In addition to maintaining healthy cellular turnover rates, each of the most commonly used peeling agents provides ancillary benefits.  Numerous studies have shown that all chemical peel solutions stimulate collagen and glycosaminoglycan production, regardless of depth of penetration. However, NOT all peels are created equal. We use SkinCeuticals peel products which are customizable and can address your individual concerns. Best to treat skin concerns: + Large Pores + Hyperpigmentation + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

TCA Peel

$975/three treatments

TCA promotes epidermal regeneration by working at a deeper level, meaning it penetrates to the middle and lower epidermis.  It is cytotoxic to keratinocytes, resulting in increased collagen, elastin, and fibroblast. This improves skin texture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly improves hyperpigmentation. We use SkinCeuticals Smart TCA system. It is a 15% TCA for intensive superficial peeling + 3% Glycolic Acid for intradermal exfoliation, comprehensively exfoliates dead, dry skin cells, and improves signs of aging Smart TCA Restorative Masque completes the treatment and immediately reduces skin's post-peel temperature to alleviate patient discomfort I’ve done the a few times now. I do love it, but I peeled for about two weeks. The first time I did it, my dark spots came to the surface and peeled off. I looked really dark for a few days and then it all peeled and I was left smoother and brighter. TCA peels are a commitment – treatment plan is once monthly for three months. - $975 and it includes $300 in products. If you want to try one TCA peel - $400, included the home care products. Included with the products: soothing cleanser, CE Ferulic (15ml), 3 biocellulose Restorative Masks, Epidermal Repair, Hydra Balm and physical UV Defense SPF 30. Best to treat skin concerns: + Wrinkles + Fine Lines + Saggy Skin + Large Pores + Hyperpigmentation + Dull Skin + Oily Skin

The Arasys Proceedure

$100/treatment series of ten - $800

The Arasys inch-loss system is like doing exercise without having to go through the hassle of actually doing it. Past devices that claimed to stimulate muscles used electrical current to jerk and twitch them. The Arasys inch-loss system does not target the muscles themselves but the nerves that control the muscles. Using waveforms that resonate your brain’s own bio-electric signal, your body mimics the clean contraction you get during exercise. The benefit of Arasys is that your muscles don’t become overstressed because Arasys burns fat without depleting glucose. Afterwards, your muscles are not sore or fatigued. A 17-minute Arasys treatment has the same effect as 300 sit-ups and 400 buttock raises. Typical inch loss can range from 2-6 inches. The Arasys system also helps to speed up your metabolism, restores elasticity of your connective tissue, increases oxygenation and blood circulation, reduces cellulite, builds muscles, and boosts performance. Arasys has also been used to alleviate muscle pain and atrophy. Created by Gerry Pollock, co-inventor of the pacemaker, the Arasys was originally designed to help those with Multiple Sclerosis. It proved so effective at tightening skin that all kinds of medical professionals use the Arasys inch-loss system for various clinical purposes: medical spas for inch loss and cellulite removal, gynecologists to tighten abs after pregnancy, and plastic surgeons can use it to tighten skin after a liposuction. Arasys inch-loss system is safe, non-invasive, with no trauma on the muscles, and zero side effects. Best to treat skin concerns: + Body Shaping

Lash Lift and tint


A lash lift is a perm for your lashes. It is not extensions. It simply curls your own lashes and then we tint them. You will be left with curled, darker lashes. The lash lift lasts 4-6 weeks and the tint lasts about a month. Best to treat skin concerns: + Thin Lashes