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TCA Peel

TCA promotes epidermal regeneration by working at a deeper level, meaning it penetrates to the middle and lower epidermis.  It is cytotoxic to keratinocytes, resulting in increased collagen, elastin, and fibroblast. This improves skin texture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly improves hyperpigmentation. We use SkinCeuticals Smart TCA system. It is a 15% TCA for intensive superficial peeling + 3% Glycolic Acid for intradermal exfoliation, comprehensively exfoliates dead, dry skin cells, and improves signs of aging Smart TCA Restorative Masque completes the treatment and immediately reduces skin's post-peel temperature to alleviate patient discomfort I’ve done the a few times now. I do love it, but I peeled for about two weeks. The first time I did it, my dark spots came to the surface and peeled off. I looked really dark for a few days and then it all peeled and I was left smoother and brighter. TCA peels are a commitment – treatment plan is once monthly for three months. - $975 and it includes $300 in products. If you want to try one TCA peel - $400, included the home care products. Included with the products: soothing cleanser, CE Ferulic (15ml), 3 biocellulose Restorative Masks, Epidermal Repair, Hydra Balm and physical UV Defense SPF 30. $975/three treatments