Building on 25 years of experience in Emergency Medicine treating acute illness, I decided to study Functional Medicine, a new approach to patient care.  The desire to help patients avoid the type of catastrophic episodes I witnessed in the emergency room is a natural evolution professionally for me.


Functional and Integrative Medicine is a relatively new field that addresses the root cause of disease, a change from traditional medical practice that treats a few acute symptoms, and focuses on treating the patient as a whole and preventing disease rather than treating individual problems . 


Working in collaboration with your primary care physician, FM doctors integrate nutritional, hormonal, environmental and lifestyle changes to restore health and well being. After studying patients’ genetics, pathology, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits, the FM physician develops a treatment plan which is highly customized to each patient's unique needs.


The next chapter of my journey now focuses on balance. I have obtained Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine that is based on the principles of Functional Medicine. I am excited to engage patients to help them achieve looking and feeling their best, to achieve balance as we strive to be and feel the best that we can be. Simply I look to return to the basics of caring while embracing the newest advancements in medicine.