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SkinTech Facial

$159 -75min

Skintech Facial: includes ultrasonic cleansing to exfoliate, steaming, extractions, face massage, mask, and ultrasound to promote product penetration. Products are chosen to brighten your complexion.

Increase your relaxation with a neck, shoulder and hand massage - additional $30 and 15 min

Hydradermbrasion w/ oxygen

Hydraderm -$150 per treatment or series of three for $375

This is a way to exfoliate a drier skin. This is a diamond tip microdermbrasion that also puts a hydrating solution into the skin. It is a 3 step process.
Step 1 - Hydradermbrasion - uses a gentle suction to lift the skin and buff it with the diamond tip. At the same time it applies a moisture solution into the skin.

Step 2 - Oxygen Mesotherapy - uses an oxygen attachment that delivers active ingredients from an ampule chosen for your skin type.

Oxygen is delivered in a continuous, pressurized stream that is 90-95% pure oxygen. Oxygen stimulates healing and collagen growth. It also is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Step 3 - Serum penetration - special tips are used specifically to penetrate serums.

Results - Softer, hydrated, plumper skin