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Excess Facial Hair

Excess Facial Hair

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Facial waxing

starts at $12

Brow wax - $20 with facial $25 without facial
Lip wax - $12 with facial $16 without facial
Chin wax - $13 with facial $18 without facial
Full face with facial - $47 Full face without facial - $52

Dermaplaning by itself includes: cleansing


enzyme peel

LED treatment. 45min - $100

Professional dermaplaning is using a scalpel to glide along the skin at a certain angle. Dermaplaning is a way to achieve a deeper exfoliation while removing the villous (peach fuzz) hair. The hair will not grow back thicker. It will also improve the results you get with other treatments and home care. Depending on your skin type, you can do a peel or other treatment within the same service. The result is smoother, more toned, brighter complexion.