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The combination of Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse catalyzes an increase in the production of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as new dermal blood vessels. For the face this results in healthy looking, smoother skin with improved elasticity and texture.

What are the immediate results following a Venus Freeze treatment?

When collagen fibers in the skin are exposed to heat (as during a treatment), their structure is modified and they immediately contract, making the skin tighter. This effect is noticeable upon completion of the first treatment.

Results are individual and may be difficult to predict. However, clinical studies show continuous improvement after six months.

How many treatments are required to get good clinical results?

Generally, the recommended number of treatment sessions is 6-8 for the face. However, the number of treatments may vary depending on the client’s characteristics.

Do I need maintenance treatments?

One treatment every two – three months are recommended to maintain results.

How effective is the magnetic pulse component of the Venus Freeze and what is the scientific evidence to support it?

It is well documented that magnetic pulse has a positive effect on wound and bone healing, creation of new small blood vessels (angiogenesis) and collagen production. These clinical effects have been evident in many clinical trials. Furthermore, this non-invasive therapy was approved by the FDA as a safe and effective technology for medical use. The (MP)² , uses this technology to dramatically improve skin appearance, via inducement of angiogenesis and collagen production.

What is the difference between the Venus Freeze MP(2) (magnetic pulse) technology and other RF technology?

Other Radio Frequency technologies necessitate the use of active cooling to avoid skin burns. Venus Freeze’s hand-pieces deploy much less power, since its poles work very efficiently and generate focused and homogenous heat with no need of cooling aid and no risk of skin burns.

How does the MP(2) and the RF components of the Venus Freeze work together?

The (MP)² induces the production of collagen via two synergistic mechanisms — the MP component induces the proliferation of fibroblast, who in turn produce collagen, and the RF component creates a controlled thermal damage, and initiates a wound-healing process that involves production of collagen. The result is a significant increase in collagen production.

Neck treatment - $200

ClearLift works by using laser light and transforming it into acoustic sound waves. The sound waves create thousands of microscopic perforations and heats beneath the top layer of the dermis. The top layer of skin remains in tact. This allows the skin to heal rapidly and encourages the production of collagen, firming and smoothing the complexion.

To remodel collagen a series of 6 treatment spaced every two weeks apart is recommended. If you have been doing other firming treatments that we offer, you may want to maintain with the ClearLift.


Kybella® – tighten and rid yourself of that double chin!

This is how Kybella® works. Your liver creates an enzyme that gets stored in your gall bladder. When you eat fatty foods, your gall bladder releases that enzyme in order to digest the fatty food.

That enzyme that gets injected into your chin area. The enzyme then digests your fat cells in your chin line. You will get immediately swollen and sore. You feel a burning sensation, which is your fat cells being digested. It does take two months for your lymphatic system to remove the digested fat from your body. It really does take that long to see the swelling subside completely.

The injections are quick, you really don't feel them. However, immediately after you will burn. It’s not intolerable, icing really helps.