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$120 for a 3 ml bottle. $170 for a 5 ml bottle

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment to help grow eyelashes.

It is used nightly at home on clean eyelids. It is applied similar to a liquid eyeliner.

Lash Extentions

Lashed by Ronnie - Full set (classic) starts at $150

Classic set $150
Hybrid $200
Full set volume $250 and up
Fills for all sets are based on the percentage you have at 2-3 weeks and starting at $70 and up. 4 weeks is considered a new set price due to overgrowth and loss. It is very important to keep to a 2-3 week schedule to keep your set looking fresh and new.

Are you a candidate?
• Any existing allergies or sensitivities to products such as band aids, gel nails, etc., may make you less of a candidate for extensions as cyanoacrylate is used as the bonding agent.
• All new clients who have never had extensions, and, or, are unsure of any allergies will have a trial set applied. 10 extensions will be applied and monitored over the next few days.
• You are comfortable lying down for 2-3.5 hours with your eyes closed.
• You can refrain from talking. Lash application takes concentration and steadiness. Less movement will help in the application, resulting in greater retention.

How to prepare:
• Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and use the restroom.
• Please arrive with your glasses if you wear contacts. They can be reinserted 3 hours later.
• Arrive with no makeup and non curled lashes.
• Have a facial or massage done before lash set.
• Wash or color hair before lash set. Lash tint can be done a week prior.
• Please arrange for child care as this is a med-spa with limited space.
• Your eyes are symptom free of any infection, or have recovered from eye surgeries/procedures.
• Please refrain from caffeine, talking, checking phones.

How to take care of your new set:
• Refrain from any activities that will promote sweating and heat the day of application.
• Do not use any eye creams or products with oils as they will loosen the adhesive resulting in premature lash loss.
• Refrain from getting lashes wet the day of. If swimming in the ocean or pool, rinse lashes with gentle flow of water immediately after.
• No spray tanning the day of application.
• Daily washing with a recommended lash cleaner and brushing results in longer retention.
• You lose about 3-5 natural lashes daily. It is important to keep to a lash fill schedule of 2-3 weeks.

How to maintain your lashes:
• Fills can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes.
• Refrain from picking, rubbing, curling lashes.
• No mascara.
• Lashed By Ronnie carries makeup and cleansing products specifically for lash extensions.

• A $50 deposit is needed for new clients to hold your time slot. It will be credited to your balance.
• 24 hour cancellation is required. If less than 24 hours your deposit will not be refunded.
• For existing clients 50% of your service booked will be charged if less than 24 hour cancellation.
• No shows will be charged for full set upon rescheduling.
Lash pictures can be seen on my Instagram lashed_by_ronnie and yelp Lashed By Ronnie