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How LED Light Therapy Can Help Your Skin

How LED Light Therapy Can Help Your Skin

May 31 2021
From anti-aging skin rejuvenation to acne and hyperpigmentation, LED light therapy is an effective skincare treatment that addresses many issues. At Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa, our two new LED light therapy panels to deliver powerful new technology that can care for your skin. Here’s how it works.

Light waves. Treatment from different types of light waves bring different results for your skin. By affecting your skin at the cellular level, LED light delivers restorative effects for your skin.

  • Green light. Light waves on the green light spectrum bond with bacteria in your skin to help treat acne. They also bond with melanosomes, which are light-absorbing compounds that control melanin. In this way, they can be a very effective treatment for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Watch this video!
  • Red light. Red light waves bond with your skin at the mitochondrial level. This results in greater energy and more oxygen for your skin cells, which can then produce more collagen and elastin, important proteins that keep your skin strong, supple, and young-looking. Watch this video!

Treatment time. These new, advanced professional treatments are so effective that they deliver results in less time than previous LED treatments. Standalone appointments for LED light therapy take only 15 minutes total, with 5 minutes spent under the professional LED panels.

Treatment frequency. As with other effective professional skincare treatments, you’ll get the best results from LED light treatment therapy with multiple treatments. In most cases, our skincare experts recommend 2 treatments per week for about 4 weeks for the best results.

Home skincare. You’ll see amazing results with your LED skincare treatments at Helen’s Haven, and you can keep these results looking fabulous with the right professional products, like our SkinTech Enlighten line, which is formulated to reduce hyperpigmentation to keep your skin looking great.

Right now, we’re offering these new LED light therapy treatments with our SkinTech Firming/Lightening Facials.

Experience the difference that LED light therapy can make for your skin at Helen’s Haven Integrative Medical Spa. Make an appointment today and our expert estheticians can assess your skin’s needs and determine which type of LED light is best for your skincare needs. Call us at 808-739-0400 today to book your LED therapy appointment, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments on your mobile device. You’ll find us at 4819 Ave., #6 in Honolulu.

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